"Bertrand, build us a boat!"

Founded by Bertrand Danglade in 1996, Rhéa Marine has become a benchmark brand in the motorised pleasure boating industry.

rhea900The first Rhea boat, the RHEA 900, was crafted in the new shipyard to a unanimous welcome: “It’s a boat.. only better …as it’s built for us! All bets are off!


rhea750Saw the creation of the RHEA 750 Timonier, which proved to be the primary catalyst in the growth of the company. Almost 300 Rhea Timonier 750 have been made in just 10 years.


rhea650Listening to some of our customers’ who were restricted by mooring length, we developed the RHEA 650 Timonier in 1999. This new boat was based on the winning concept of the RHEA 750 Timonier (wheelhouse, walkaround deck layout, generous deck fittings, etc.).


rhea1100In response to increasing customer demand, 2001 saw the launch of a much larger boat for the cruising market: the RHEA 1100.


chantierThis year would prove pivotal for the shipyard which moved to a new and larger purpose built premises, near the airport of La Rochelle. Increasing production and the expansion of the range was possible thanks to further investment in modern hi-tech machinery.


rhea750openIn an endeavour to meet the growing needs of pleasure boating customers, the shipyard developed the new “Open” range in 2003. Within the year, the RHEA 750 Open was launched.


rhea850timonierTo meet the mounting expectations of our clientele wishing to engage in coastal cruising, RHEA MARINE launched two new models in 2005: the RHEA 850 Timonier and the RHEA 850 Open.


rhea900Whilst continuing production of the first six models, the yard continued to meet the ever-increasing and specific demands of its customers. In 2006 Rhea launched an fully custom-built boat: the RHEA 900 Open.


rhea800timonierThe year 2007 saw the launch of the RHEA 800 Timonier, which was an instant success, with over 30 sold in the first year alone. The yard expanded its production premises and stock by over 50% during this period.


rhea28timonierIn line with its continuing drive for innovation, RHEA MARINE launched a large 10-metre Open model with a choice of Z-Drive or Hydrojet propulsion.

The 40-knot barrier was broken with this new line of boats, featuring classic lines but offering exceptional performance. The year 2008 saw the launch of the RHEA 28 Timonier in the fishing boat sector.


Launch of the Trawler range: bringing together today’s travel culture with the maritime world. A range offering a high level of comfort and world class design.



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