Fishing/pleasure boat

Timonier : 730 | 730R | 730B | 750 | 28 | 800 | 850 | 36
With its hull designed by the naval architects Joubert-Nivelt, the Timonier 730 guarantees good seaworthiness, excellent passage in choppy seas, outstanding courseholding and fine handling. The forward cabin has a V-shaped double berth and places for stowage. Exceptional seakeeping performance, open cockpit, wide passageways, large wheelhouse, great visibility and silent. 

Length (m): 7.30
Width (m): 3.00
Draught (m): 0.75
Fuel tank capacity: 300 l
Engine: single diesel engine
Inboard engine power: 205 HP
CE certification: C 8 passengers
Architects: Joubert-Nivelt
Designer: Bertrand Danglade 


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