20 Years Birthday Rhéa Marine

The French shipyard Rhea Marine celebrated its 20 years on Saturday, 23rd Jully 2016. 180 people attended the cocktail party at the Yacht Club of Saint-Martin on the Island of Ré.

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This celebration party has been the opportunity to pay tribute to men and women who had contributed to the succes and the reputation of Rhea Marine. The Chef Executive Officer of Rhea Marine, Alex PINET, warmly thanked people who made Rhea Marine evolved since the creation of the compagny in 1996. Firstly he paid tribute to the founder of the shipyard, Bertrand DANGLADE, who built the first boat 20 years ago on the island of Ré. Secondly, the CEO pointed out the work of the team of Rhea Marine that have dedicated themselves for 20 years to improve the competences, the know-how and the innovations invested in Rhea Marines boats. Finally, the CEO thanked the owners, confident, enthusiast and faithful to the brand, that urge Rhea Marine to go on the pursuit of excellence.


Since 1996, the french shipyard Rhéa Marine designed and built top of the range, customized boats as well as boats which are tailor-made. Rhea Marine have developed 4 ranges of marine boats which can be personalised to each customer’s tastes: Timonier, Open, Evolution and Trawler. The Rhéa Marine motorboats guarantees good seaworthiness, excellent passage in choppy seas, outstanding courseholding and good manoeuvrability.


The latest boat of Rhea Marine, the Rhea 35 open2 Vaporetto, is an attractive, easy to use boat with high performances and classic elegant lines. The deck layout has been created by the architect office Joubert-Nivelt. The boat was unique and entirely customized.

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An auction sale has been organized during the reception to make it possible to raise funds for the national sea-rescue association and a concert has been organized to end the birthday party.


The Rhea Marine way of life : having a picnic on a sandbank off the coast of the island of Ré


40 Rhea boats and 180 people gathered together for a picnic on sandbank off the coast of the island of Ré last Sunday, 24th Jully 2016. The shipyard Rhea Marine organized this picnic with the help of the owners, the team of Rhea Marine and the team of the local power dealer Motte Yachting and the ARAMM (association of Rhea Marines owners).


The Rhea boats set sail toward a sandbank. As the tide receded, the boats ran aground the shore of the sandbank that rise up out of the ocean off de coast of the Island of Ré and created a tiny private island for a few hours. All the owners of a Rhea boat and the organizing team got together to have a pleasant and friendly picnic. Everybody helped the organizing team open the 800 oyster shells. It is the real Rhea Marine way of life.

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